Monday, August 29, 2011

XDEAL Trailer

XDEAL from elfardo on Vimeo.

Yet another sexy-drama is about to hit the cinemas this September! XDEAL, a film by Lawrence Fajardo tackles a different type of lovestory starring Paloma Esmeria, Jamilla Obispo and Jon Hall.

Here's the synopsis of the film:

Billy and Sara moved to an apartment unit next to Dana. After brief encounters, Billy falls for Dana. This despite enjoying wild sexual moments with Sara, a willing partner. Dana feels the same way, but she has her eyes fixed on someone else � Sara. The brewing desire for each other soon catches up with them, and an exchange deal becomes inevitable. The deal is for Dana to get her night with Sara. In return, Billy gets to sleep with Dana. True enough, Billy succeeds in convincing Sara to do it. Who gets the better end of the deal? Who ends up shortchanged? X-Deal treads the very narrow path that divides love and lust.

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