Friday, May 1, 2009

Padre de Pamilya Now Showing!

OPENS April 29, 2009, IN SM CINEMAS


Finally, an honest film about the countrys culture of corruption and how it has affected the family values of Filipinos- Padre de Pamilya. Featuring the critically acclaimed Ariel Rivera, respected thespian Jaclyn Jose and the versatile Tessie Tomas, Padre de Pamilya is set to be one of the most important films made during the Arroyo administration. It is the sophomore film of writer-director Cesar Evangelista Buendia.

Produced with the help of grants from the National Commission on Culture and the Arts and Jesuit Communications, LEB Telon Film Productions attempts to make a break through by battling an independent, non-commercial film in the mainstream market. I believe that there is a thirst and a demand out there for relevant, values-oriented material, says LEB Telon head and film director Cesar Evangelista Buendia.

Endorsed by influential Catholic Church leaders, Padre may just make it as a hit. I am very sure that this troubling film will make our country a better country and our citizens, better citizens, declares BISHOP SOCRATES B. VILLEGAS, chairman of the CBCP Commission on Catechesis and Catholic Education.
Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP) President Monsignor Gerry Santos endorsed the film to all schools by writing in a statement: Padre de Pamilya is a powerful film that will shatter the apathy of the youth and make us reflect on our own faith as a people.

The AMRSP, led by sister Mary John Mananzan issued this statement after they viewed Padre de Pamilya: We in the Association of Major Religious Superiors in the Philippines (AMRSP) have watched the said film and are convinced of its significance as a powerful tool for moral regeneration and transformation of our society.

Padre de Pamilya is a story about a good father ( Ariel Rivera) whose only wish is for his children to grow up as good Catholic Christians. Unfortunately, his salary as a supervisor in the towns city hall is not enough to make ends meet. And because of the powers inherent in his work, the temptations to become a corrupt government official are always present. One day, because of the financial needs of his family, the father succumbs to temptation and commits a corrupt act. Even worse, he is caught doing it in a very public and embarrassing manner.
Upon watching Padre de Pamilya, one will be forced to ask, Must one prioritize the needs of the family instead of the teachings of God?

Padre de Pamilya is a new film which is relevant to the times. It will open in all SM Branches in Metro Manila starting, Wednesday, April 29, 2008.
Tickets are available in all Catholic Church parishes. For every Padre de Pamilya ticket bought, the church will receive a new Bible which will in turn be donated to a poor family by the Parish Priest. The screenings of Padre de Pamilya are being used as a fund raising campaign by the Archdiocese of Manila Biblical Apostolate lead by Fr. Tony Navarrete, to buy 5 million Bibles for poor families in Metro Manila. Tickets are also available in all SM Branches in Metro Manila starting April 29, 2009. For ticket inquiries, please call 703-7432 or text 0918-6900744.


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