Thursday, July 14, 2011

So Much Pain, So In Love Official Trailer

Mocha Uson stars in yet another Lesbian-themed film entitled 'So Much Pain, So In Love' with Anthea Roa Murfet. Also seen on the video trailer are Mocha Girls Mae dela Cerna (in her first lesbo love scene) and Jhane. The movie is set to be shown on September 2011. This movie is written and directed by Roland M. Sanchez

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cinemalaya 2011 Entry: The Natural Phenomenon of Madness

The Natural Phenomenon of Madness
Directed by Charliebebs Gohetia

Two years after she was raped, a woman agrees to meet with her rapist in the beautiful ruins of Intramuros. As they have the same blood type, her rapist asks her to donate blood for his operation claiming this will lengthen his life and will give him ample time to seek redemption. The woman refuses to do so as she rediscovers she is still a victim of unrequited love towards her rapist.

Told in two separate perspectives, the story revolves around how the woman and man pick the pieces of their broken lives after the rape, meeting every so often at places that remind them of their past. They are confronted by the fact that they are both victims of each other: THE WOMAN struggles with loving no one but the man; THE MAN, struggles with his guilt knowing he can't love the woman the way she wants him to.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cinemalaya 2011 Entry: Gayuma (Pilgrim Lovers)

Cinemalaya 2011 Entry: Gayuma (Pilgrim Lovers)

Vim Yapan / Alem Chua Productions presents
An Alvin B. Yapan film

GAYUMA: Pilgrim Lovers

Starring Mercedes Cabral
Introducing Kalil Almonte
With Robyn John Reyes and Frank PeƱones

In Bikol with English subtitles
Shot entirely in Bicol, Philippines

Friday, July 1, 2011

Cinemalaya 2011 Entry: Liberacion

Directed by Adolfo Alix Jr.

Makoto of the Japanese Imperial Army decided to go into hiding after the Japanese soldiers were defeated in 1945. In the dread of the forest, he decides to struggle despite efforts for him to surrender, thinking the war is not yet over. For a span of almost 20 years, he encounters different situations that will test his persona and his strength to his vow as a Japanese soldier.

Jacky Woo, Mercedes Cabral, Suzuki Sadatsugu, Hideo Muraoka.

Production Company: Forward Entertainment.
Director/Writer/Editor: Adolfo Alix, Jr.
Executive Producer: Jacky Woo.
Line Producers: Maxie Evangelista III, Maan Dimla.
Director of Photography: Albert Banzon.
Production Design: Cyrus Khan.
Assistant Director: Benjamin Tolentino.
Sound Design: Ditoy Aguila, Junel Valencia.
Field Sound Recordist: Mark Locsin.