Monday, May 21, 2012

IN BANGKA HA UT SIN DUWAH SAPAH (The Boat Between Two Rivers) Trailer

"IN BANGKA HA UT SIN DUWAH SAPAH" or "THE BOAT BETWEEN TWO RIVERS", a story inspired by an episode of Wish Ko Lang entitled "Nanay Langoy". The story is about a young mother who swims from one end of the river to the other using a makeshift bangka made out of banana stalks just to put her two kids to school. Problem arises when at the other side of the river, government military forces are holding camp while on the other side of the river are where the extremist Muslim rebels are holed up. What happens when these two forces clash? Will the mother still be able to give her kids a good education? The film stars 2009 URIAN Best Supporting Actress SUE PRADO, PIPO ALFAD III, MALIK BUNYI, JERMAINE PATRICK ULGASAN, YNA TAN, RAUL MORIT, BOMBI PLATA, MORO GANDAWALI, LOWELL KIP CONALES, YUTAKA YAMAKAWA, SAFFIYAH B. BUNYI, FAMY ALFAD, BUSHRA A. SAHIDAINI, MA. ANELIA ULGASAN, ALMABETH T. CAMACAN, TANNIEROSE DIANSUY, ABDULHADI T. SAHIDAINI, and CHRIS D' BAYAN. The film is directed by FYRSED ALSAD ALFAD III and SIGFREID BARROS-SANCHEZ and written by SIGFREID BARROS-SANCHEZ, MOH. JAL JAUHARI, and PROF. HJA. FAMY A. ALFAD. The film is part of the 1st Sineng Pambansa of the FILM DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL OF THE PHILIPPINES (FDCP) scheduled to be shown in Davao City from June 29 to July 3 which will be attended by representatives of different international film festivals.

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