Friday, November 30, 2012

CinemaOne Originals 2012: Slumber Party

On the eve of the Ms. Universe Pageant – the boxing main event for all gays in the Philippines, three friends decide to throw a SLUMBER PARTY as part of their yearly vigil to support our representative. Mending a broken heart, Elle and Jhana consoles their friend, Phillippe, as his romance with his recent guy was tragically and abruptly nipped in the bud. However, the supposedly fun spectacle for the three was cut-short when, Jonel, a young frat boy burgled the three lovely ladies’ castle. Afraid and petrified, they attacked the frat boy who became unconscious. This gave the three a time to marvel at the young frat boy’s enigmatic boyish looks and amusing hot body. As they go on with their fantasies, the decision to keep the guy with arms and legs tied in the chair and hold him hostage will challenge their views on life, love and friendship all in one night. Set on the eve of Aug 23, 2010 of the new Noynoy administration when 2 "MAJOR MAJOR" events are underway: the heated bus hostage-taking of HK nationals in Quirino Grand Stand, and Phil. Candidate Ms. Venus Raj pressured to bring home the coveted crown to vindicate her country mired in shame in the international community. Slumber Party is directed by Emmanuel dela Cruz starring Archie Alemana, Sef Cadayona, Markki Stroem and RK Bagatsing.

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