Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Limang Dipang Tao Trailer

Synopsis: 13 individuals, 13 lives. Based on the song of "Maestro" Ryan Cayabyab entitled, "Limang Dipang Tao" (A Five-Long Queue of People), this film talks about different conflicts and realities of a Filipino individual. The jeepney route from Remedios (Manila) to Cubao (Quezon City), will show a splice of life of these individuals, as we take one day out of their busy lives. Witness what happens to each passenger, before and after their jeepney ride. Starring: Perla Bautista, Mercedes Cabral, Ella Guevara, Jao Mapa, Issa Litton, Vic Romano, Nico Antonio, Vishnu Sabio, Zandrei Santos, Ana Andres, Kevin Romero, Julian Cuevas, Nathalie Atendido Directed By: Eseng Cruz Story and Screenplay By: Eseng Cruz

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