Saturday, October 29, 2016

CinemaOne Originals 2016: TISAY Starring Joel Torre, JC De Vera and Nathalie Hart

Tisay (Christina) works as a middle woman for a Gambling Kingpin, she collects bets from blue collared workers, runs dirty errands for the Gambling kingpin, and uses sex as her ultimate weapon for persuading and convincing people to do deals. Things get complicated when Tisay is assigned to Simon, a barangay league basketball superstar with high hopes of making it the Professional league. Simon is good-natured, idealistic, somehow na├»ve basketball player who falls in love with Tisay in the Process. Simon finds himself in a different world filled with shams, crime and violence, now will his idealistic persona survive. TISAY explores the parallel dynamics of love and sport. In the film, the characters experience the positive and negative parts of love and basketball, but mostly negative – that’s it’s a sham, and it’s fixed.

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